Ajoy krishnamoorthy
General Manager/Head of Cloud xRP Division
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Why Use Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform?

Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform is a leading cloud business application development platform that empowers developers and software companies to get their solution to SaaS, fast.

What is the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform?

Watch this 5-minute video for an overview of Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform and its benefits.

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See it for Yourself

Seeing is believing. Get hands-on with a demo of Acumatica Cloud ERP, and learn about the core functionalities. Contact us to get a developer instance that you can install and test in your own environment.

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Take a Deep Dive

Ready to dive deeper? Download this development guide to learn more about the platform, web service APIs and more.

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What Our Partners Say
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CTO / Kensium Solutions
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Jorge Soto
General Manager / M5 Software
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John Schlemmer
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