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Software developer moves to Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, saves over $400,000 & 2 years’ development time

Founded in 1999, JAAS Systems is a global supplier of manufacturing software. JAAS develops and sells integrated accounting and manufacturing software solutions, primarily for the discrete manufacturing arena, such as electronics.

About JAAS Systems

Location: Columbus, OH, US; serving more than 200 customers worldwide

industry: Manufacturing software


Key results

  • $400,000 in development cost savings
  • 52 months of development time-savings
  • Delivered solution two years ahead of schedule
  • 10 years of client-server development migrated to the Cloud in less than 10 months


JAAS Systems creates advanced manufacturing software that helps mid-sized manufacturing companies to streamline their production and accounting processes.

JAAS originally developed their Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS), using a client server architecture. While this was effective for some deployments, JAAS Systems realized that a web-based solution would be easier to deploy, keep their clients’ costs down, and provide more flexible integration with modern Cloud-based accounting systems.

JAAS Systems’ Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, John Schlemmer, says, “At the time, we were wrestling with the need to get off of our old technology and onto a new one.”

Before finding the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, JAAS was concerned about moving years of manufacturing expertise to a web-based environment, and building complex accounting and inventory functions in a Cloud environment.

Based on our experience with the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform, we’ve recommended this to other ISVs because we think it is absolutely the best platform to develop any product on.

John Schlemmer,
Chief Operating Officer


Mr. Schlemmer reports, “When we were trying to figure out which platform to go to, one of our mutual partners said, ‘Have you guys looked at Acumatica Cloud xRP?’ We started looking at Acumatica and went, ‘This is the cat’s meow!’ Basically, it was an awesome platform to develop on, and using their tools we actually migrated our application to their system on the Cloud in 10 months. So we basically took 10 years (at the time) of our development and did it in about 10 months.”

JAAS began to develop JAMS for Acumatica in late 2010, and released the first version in 2011.

The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform delivered a development platform that addressed JAAS Systems’ desire to improve speed-to-market and keep client’s cost down, with key benefits that included:

  • Built-in ERP logic, including accounting and inventory
  • Solutions that run on any platform, in any browser
  • Solutions which can be delivered on-premise or as SaaS
  • Built-in document management, inquiries, report writers, and workflow


Of the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform’s capabilities that have benefited JAAS Systems the most, Mr. Schlemmer stresses, “Speed-to-market. Their toolset offers a lot of capabilities, like hyperlinking and things of that nature, which takes forever in the older technology.”

“From the capability standpoint,” Mr. Schlemmer adds, “with the web services it’s easier to attach ancillary systems like data collection. Before we had to write an API for people to tie into; now they can utilize web services to come in and integrate with our system. That’s one of the cool capabilities. That allows them to do is go into that specific screen and be done; so for them it’s easier, too, and that’s a capability of the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform.”

Integrating JAMS with Acumatica has proven so successful for their customers that Mr. Schlemmer is talking about it with other software vendors: “Based on our experience with the Acumatica Cloud xRP platform, we’ve recommended this to other ISVs, because we think it is absolutely the best platform to develop any product on.”

Mr. Schlemmer adds that JAAS Systems is not looking back, emphasizing, “We’re 100% Acumatica—that’s what we’ve based our entire company on.”

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