2018 Virtual Developer Conference

We are once again excited to bring to you a virtual developer conference – no travel required.  Like last year, we have divided the content between two-half days (3 hrs) so we don’t take up a full day where you can still get the work you need to get done. The sessions will vary between 50 and 20 minutes with 10 minute breaks interspersed every hour.  There will be a keynote on day one, but not on day two.  Nearly all the content will be brand new – not recycled.  We are trying to bring you value-packed fresh content you can use right away.

Oh, and by the way… It’s FREE!

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All times are in the Pacific Time Zone.
There will be a 10 minute break every hour – two per day.  At the end of the conference, we will do a final wrap-up and cover the next steps going forward.

Day 1 — Wednesday, June 20th

10:00 a.m. – Keynote

We continue to push hard on innovation at the platform level, always looking ahead to leverage available technologies. We embrace warmly our developer community, providing them the tools and support they need to build world-class applications for their customers.  Please join VP of Platform Strategy, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, for his view of the multi-cloud world and Acumatica’s investments.  You will hear and see integrations we have built with other services and an update on new ones we are working on.

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10:30 a.m. – Push Notifications in Acumatica

Vladimir Perov will cover push notifications which was introduced in release 2017 R2. It allows external applications to integrate with Acumatica ERP in a new and more efficient way. He will demonstrate how to set up this functionality both for Generic Inquiries and build-in definitions. You will see the following three notification destinations illustrated that are provided with Acumatica demonstrated: Webhooks, SignalR Hub and MSMQ.

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11:10 a.m. – Improvements in ISV Solution Certification Program

Ruslan Devyatko, will help you to ready your applications for our new certification program.

As the number of organizations choosing Acumatica as their ERP system continues to grow, it becomes more important to extend the core Acumatica ERP functionality with the expert depth and specific vertical features from an ISV ecosystem. With our improved ISV solution certification program, we are targeting to give the market the assurance that ISV solutions built for Acumatica ERP ensure a high standard and meet all technical requirements. During this session, you will know about the three general categories of ISV solutions, as well as get an overview of requirements, test methodology and the new set of automated tools, which will help you to prepare your solutions for our improved certification program.

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12:10 p.m. – Black-belt Developer Techniques: Part I

Gabriel Michaud, will be covering some undocumented Development techniques in Acumatica to help developers solve every day problems.

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Day 2 — Thursday, June 21st


10:00 a.m. – Black-belt Developer Techniques: Part II

Sergey Marenich is going to provide developers with some advanced developer best practices and techniques in his session.

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11:00 a.m. – Optimizing Usage of the Contract-based API

Through the development of a multi-threaded processing engine, Joshua van Hoesen will discuss optimization in utilizing the Acumatica Contract-based API.

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11:30 a.m. – Acuminator & Other Dev Tools

Vladimir Panchenko will discuss the development and implementation of the Acuminator – a Microsoft Visual Studio extension that his team originally built at an internal hackathon last year in Moscow.  This is a must-use Acumatica xRP framework developer tool.

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12:10 p.m. – Product & Platform Roadmap

Learn about our plans for Acumatica’s Cloud ERP product & platform.  We’ll provide a snapshot of what we are currently  working on today – as well as provide an overview of what we’ve recently made generally available, are still developing & testing, or are no longer developing. And lastly, learn more about the types of updates you can expect to find on the Acumatica Cloud Platform in the upcoming months.

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Ajoy Krishnamoorthy
Ali Jani
Gabriel Michaud
Sergey Marenich
Ruslan Devyatko
Joshua van Hoesen
Vladimir Panchenko
Vladimir Perov