Acumatica ADN Website Redesign & Refresh

Mark Franks | April 19, 2017

We have just recently redesigned our website and refreshed much of the content.  We have aligned it more closely to the Acumatica site for consistency in navigation & style.  This will be the first thing you may notice.  Secondarily, we have added content and improved access to our content. We have tried to be more encouraging, inviting you to contact us for information, demonstrations, and meetings – we really would like to engage more directly with you.

Here is a more complete list of enhancements/benefits we offer our visitors:

  • Optimized all the html, eliminating redundant code, ill-formed html, etc.
  • Added ‘Request a Demo’ and ‘Request a Consultation’ pages
  • We now use a PDF Viewer to open any PDF in a popup
  • Videos also might be opened as a pop-up
  • LiveChat is now activated – for now I will personally try to monitor and will interact with you directly as time permits
  • Eliminated all the dead-end pages or broken links
  • Handle more gracefully all links with proper permanent redirection (old URL -> new URL), where applicable
  • Installed a plugin to be able to automatically generate a Google XML Sitemap
  • Use Kraken to optimize all images ‘on the fly’
  • Optimized page loading time significantly

 If you go to the home ADN Page – you will have the following screen appear:

The design is more clean and modern as well as inviting. Note the “Leave a message” box on the right above.  If I am available, you will be able to chat with me directly as I mention above.  If not, you be able to leave me a message.  I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible (you might start with web platform selection first).

Below you’ll notice we have consolidated our Developer Resources in an easy to access page under the Community Menu along with Developer Forums to get the support you need in developing on our platform.


An important mission in our work is the cultivation of an Acumatica Developer Community.  You hopefully have noticed a regular cadence of interaction. We use this blog as a primary device of communication with you.  Recently, we have added a newsletter that you can subscribe here. We delivered a very successful Hackathon at our summit back in February.  We are following up with these activities events in the few months. We have and will continue to invite our partners to write “Guest” post and create demos under the DEMOPALOOZA contests we have kicked off – you can learn about it here.

Please leave us your feedback – let us know what you think of the new ADN site. Let us know what we can do further to deliver information you can use and benefit from when engaging with us and developing great applications on our platform.

Mark Franks

As a Platform Evangelist, Mark is responsible for showing people the specifics about what makes Acumatica’s Cloud Development Plaform wonderfully attractive to ISV & Partners. He's also passionate about Running, Latin, and his family. | E-mail: | Skype: mfranks |

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